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Top Legislative Issues

Mental Health Access, Services and Coordination

Services related to mental health have been overwhelmed, especially with the recent pandemic. More needs to be done to provide mental health access, services and coordination throughout NJ. This is especially critical for our school-aged children who are experiencing a world that has far more pressures and stressors than when their parents grew up.

Education / School Funding

Many NJ schools have seen unexpected state aid cuts resulting in teacher layoffs and capital projects being abandoned or neglected. We need to find a better way to allocate school funding and advocate for more funds from the federal government. Additionally, we need to promote the community college system as a great way to achieve a post high school education and obtain a college degree.

Economic Resurgence

NJ needs to support policies that balance economic growth and both individual and family opportunity in the face of competition both nationally and internationally. We need to honor our commitments to organized labor and support those entrepreneurs who are starting a small business in the state. We need to make sure people can afford to live and thrive in NJ.

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